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Valentine's Day On A Budget

Seriously, why spend $200 to show someone you love them.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it's that time of the year when people feel pressured to buy their loved ones expensive gifts to show their love for them. STOP THAT! Seriously, why spend $200 to show someone you love them when it can all be done for a fraction of the price. First of all, you shouldn't have to show your love with gifts, but if you do want to give them something then the consideration alone should count. We recommend doing something thoughtful or giving a small gift that means more than just a hefty price tag.

For instance, you could go to a big department store and spend $30 on a teddy bear or you could find just as amazing teddy bears at thrift stores for as cheap as $2 or $3. Next! The big-box stores will charge you $15-$20 for a cute, lovely shirt that you can find at a thrift store for about $3 or $4. Next! Red and pink decorations somehow seem to magically increase in price a month before the big V-day... not at thrift stores! The Salvation Army Family Stores don't increase their prices due to higher demand or specific social dates. In fact, we do the exact opposite. Every week there is a different tag color that goes on sale - that's 50% off already bargain prices. Yes, it is definitely possible to buy a whole Valentine's Day gift set for under $15.

Here's the thing, thrift stores receive items in amazing conditions. How do you think re-sellers get so rich? People have this misconception that thrift stores are for junk and the ones who know the truth are exploiting thrift stores for their advantage, and their wallets are loving the savings. A lot of people can't even notice the difference between items bought at a big-box store and a thrift store, the only dead giveaway is if the tags are still attached. So, what's it going to be for you this year?