Family Stores Doing the Most Good®

Tis the season

The holidays are here and your donations mean so much to someone in need.

     Winter is here and so is the holiday season. To so many of us that means a joyful time of the year spent with family and friends, eating food and telling jokes in a nice, warm home. To others, unfortunately, that might mean a Christmas without toys and a very cold winter. A lot of people in our community are not as fortunate as others and they rely heavily on The Salvation Army Family Stores for all their shopping needs. They know that they can find very cheap items such as clothes, dishes, shoes, and other necessary items in our stores. That is where your donations come in. When you donate at one of our Family Stores, your gently used items get processed by our employees and put out on our sales floor. Sales from these items not only help the families in need but also directly support our Adult Rehabilitation Center in Rockford, Illinois. It's a double win for the Stateline community.

     Being that we are in northern Illinois, we all know how cold it can get. Right now we are asking for warm clothes donations such as hats, gloves, coats, winter boots, scarves and so on. All of these are items that everyone needs, including children and adults. With Black Friday having just passed, you might have bought new items and don't need the older ones anymore. Why leave them laying around the house to take up space and clutter up when you can donate and know you're helping out the local community.

     The Salvation Army has a few stores in the Rockford area as well as Beloit, Janesville, and DeKalb. Each store accepts donations and has donation drop-off boxes in case you can't make it during normal business hours. We ask that you consider donating your gently used items this holiday season so we can help make someone else's holidays a little better. Again, we thank you for your continuous support of The Salvation Army and wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.