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How your donations help

Find out how your donations help change the lives of people right here in Rockford.


A lot of people know about The Salvation Army but they don't really know what exactly it is that we do. In this article, we hope to give you some insights into what happens when you donate and how those donations help. 

When you drop off clothes or other gently used items at one of our donation boxes or to a donation attended at our store, those items then get sorted through and are put out on the sales floor. The sale money of those items directly funds everything we do in the community. This includes funding our rehabilitation center, paying salaries of workers, utility and maintenance costs as well as community events. 

The Salvation Army Family Store is the only source of funding for the Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC), which is located at 1706 18th Ave, Rockford, IL. The ARC here in Rockford can house up to 64 men at any given time which results in 64 fewer men out in the streets. When these men are taken out of the streets, less crime occurs and home values go up. This also means fewer men freezing in the frigid cold months and avoiding heat strokes during the scorching hot summer days. Our ARC also helps men overcome their battle with substance abuse and trains them to re-enter society and become a productive member of our community. 

Unlike other not-for-profit programs, we do not get any state funding from taxpayers. We are 100% self-sustaining and your donations are what makes it all possible. So with that being said, we would love to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us make the stateline a better community.